Beham, Markus P.: Gabčíkovo-Nagymaros - The Neverending Story?

Key words:

Hungary, Slovakia, Gabčíkovo-Nagymaros, EU, Peaceful Settlement of Disputes, Negotiations, ICJ, ECJ,Article 259 TFEU


The paper takes a look at the current state of negotiations between Hungary and Slovakia following the judgment of the International Court of Justice of 25 September 1997 in the Case Concerning the Gabčíkovo-Nagymaros Project. Due to an agreement between the two parties, Hungary and Slovakia, following Slovakia’s request for an additional judgment, the case is still listed among the ICJ’s contentious cases – and is thus the longest pending case in the history of international justice in The Hague. For the past 15 years, despite a great deal of negotiations and a variant of possible solutions to the dispute, nothing substantial has happened. The present paper looks at and discusses possible solutions to the dispute including negotiations, a follow-up judgment by the ICJ as well as an EU law perspective.